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    Cave Gvadirikiri

    • Butucu, Aruba
    • Cave Gvadirikiri$$
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      Near the coast of Venezuela, in the southern part of the Caribbean island of Aruba perched small. Its area is 100 km²I population of just over 100,000, but the truth people say: small but precious. The fourth part of the island has a unique National Park Arikok National Park, which is able to interest anyone, even the most demanding visitor. It has everything: mountains and plains, unique plants and animals, fragments of settlements and plantations, there is even a mine prospector.

      Raisins park are considered to be the cave Gvadirikiri and Huliba - "Tunnel of Love." Gvadiriki consist of two large underground halls, connected by an underground corridor. The main inhabitants of the caves - swarms of bats. Rays of light penetrate and create fantastic lighting.

      According to legend, the cave was a secret base of pirates, and perhaps even hidden treasures untold.

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