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    National Park Arikok National Park

    • Shete, Aruba
    • National Park Arikok National Park$$
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      In the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, near Venezuela is a small island of Aruba, which is one of the Lesser Antilles. The island of 193 square kilometers, it inhabits a little more than 100 thousand. Man. This includes public education the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a subject of the Federation. Capital Gould - Oranjestad.

      18% of the island occupied by the famous National Park Arikok National Park - conservation area between the Yamanote Upland (188 m) and the hill Arikok National Park (176 m), which obstruct the park from the north-easterly winds. Because of this, and thanks to the rich minerals in the soil, this area has a rich flora and fauna. Some plant and animal species found only in this area. Several species of snakes, birds (one of the species of owls and parrots) can be found only on the reserve. Among the plants are trees look-see, kvihi, different types of aloe, cacti and tropical flowers.

      Park Arikok National Park also interesting for its historical monuments, such as the remnants of Dutch settlement in Masiduri, old plantation in Prince Valley, the ruins of mines for the extraction of gold in Miralamare. In one of the caves - Fontaine found petroglyphs left Arawak Indians. In the park there are other caves: Gvadiriki Huliba and "Tunnel of Love".

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